Wednesday, August 20, 2008


  • Welcome to Omaha Public Library's O! What a Geek, our Library Learning 2.0 Program.

    The program starts September 2, 2008 and runs until February 2, 2009 which should give you plenty of time to complete a 9 week program.

Note: the podcasts from the original posts don't seem to function well when copied and pasted, so they have been taken out -- if you learn well by listening then go to the original Learning 2.0 23 things site and find the podcast for each thing

The 23 Things

Below are the “23 Things*” (or small exercises) that make up our TechLearning 2008 program this fall. You will use these to explore and expand your knowledge of new and emerging Web 2.0 tools freely available on the Internet. Participants need to complete all 23 items on this list by December 2, 2008 in order to receive either a MP3 player from Creative or a gift certificate to Best Buy or iTunes -- you get to decide!

Week 1: Introduction

  • Review the site & find out about the program (thing #1)
  • Discover a few pointers from lifelong learners and learn how to nurture your own learning process (thing #2)

Week 2: Blogging

  • Set up your own blog & add your first post (thing #3)
  • Register: email the O! What a Geek Team your name and the URL of your blog (thing #4)
Week 3: Photos and Images

  • Explore Flickr and learn how to get the most out of this popular image hosting site (thing #5)
  • Discover some Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites (thing #6)
  • Create a post about anything technology related that interests you this week (thing #7)
Week 4: RSS Feeds and Newsreaders

Week 5: Play Week

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

  • Learn about tagging and discover a Delicious (a social bookmaking site) (thing #13)
  • Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts (thing #14)
  • Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts (thing #15)
Week 7: Wikis

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools

  • Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools (thing #18)
  • Explore a site from the Web 2.0 awards list or Annette Lamb's NLA 2008 presentation, play with it and write a blog post about your findings (thing #19)

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

* This list of "things" can also be found on the 43Things website. Note: This project is loosely based upon the website 43Things (which allows you to set and track personal goals) and the Stephen Abram article titled 43 Things I (or You) might want to do this year (Information Outlook - Feb 2006).

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